The Parliamentary Urges UK TV Stations To Cease Gambling Sponsorships

The APPG has contacted UK TV stations, such as Channel 5 and ITV, and has urged them, to end sponsored daytime television programmes by the Gambling-Related Harm (GRH).

In the letters to the local TV stations, the APPG expressed its members’ profound concern with these sponsorships and pointed to a few cases 新加坡赌博网, such as the “Neighbours,” the soap opera on channel 5 that the UK gambling giant Entrain actually sponsors.

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Targeting women and young people 

The anti-gambling campaign has expressed its members’ concerns that TV networks would like to encourage people to play, which could lead to terrible damage and tragedy in the lives 最佳在线赌场, homes and even whole neighbourhoods.

According to the parliamentary group of All-Parties, some steps are taken to deal with the negative effect of this huge sponsorship on society, especially during coronavirus locks. The APPG wishes to see users safe and emphasises that minors are more likely to be at home on daytime TV, so that they can hurt those gambling ads.

Advertisement during lock down 

In their letters to British news stations, APPG claimed that its calls were endorsed, urging immediate action, not just by its representatives and 52 experienced experts. This is not the first time that the Gambling-Related Damage all-party parliamentary committee has called for action in this area. The organisation called on the UK Government and competent agencies to cancel all gambling announcements in a report released in June last year.

Such Party proposals included a ban on online in-play gaming and the suspension of so-called VIP services sold to high-roll consumers by gambling firms. In its letter to TV stations, the APPG stressed that more than half a million addicts are actually engaged in gambling in the UK. The group has pointed out that there is a certain gambling problem in more than 55,000 children aged 11 to 16 years living in England and Scotland.

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Gambling adverts 

As mentioned above, APPG representatives insisted on any evidence showing that more minors are at risk of being subjected to more game ads because of the Covid-19 lock-downs while they’re at home.

Increased game promotion in recent years has been one of the hottest issues in the industry. Campaigners have accused UK gambling firms of exploiting children and vulnerable people, not only on television and radio stations, but also on social media, through their marketing strategies, of exposing them to a higher chance of gambling damage.

The publicity world will be interested with John Whittingdale’s Gambling Study. Companies decided to enact a voluntary whistle-to-whistle ban that paid off, but a particular objection was that companies migrate heavily online in order not to compete with cheaper marketing media.

The Gambling Review, though, would focus only on publicity, with more rigorous steps being taken. These are mostly reforms aiming at restricting online betting size, cutting sponsorships with gaming companies which sports teams and will attempt to further moderate publicity. In the worldwide pandemic and lockout in particular.